Acquire An Emotional Support Dog Vest Right Now

As someone that suffers from PTSD or panic attacks, you may depend on a supportive animal to keep you calm and relaxed. Emotional support dogs are specifically bred for this purpose. These are not ordinary dogs. They’re caring, supportive, and more than willing to help their owners.

If you’re a dog owner, your dog could very well take on this role and calm you down in the event of an outbreak of symptoms. In order to transform your pooch into a full-fledged emotional support animal and to gain protection under federal statutes, you’ll need to acquire a certification and may also want to purchase an emotional support dog vest. The purpose and benefits associated with this vest will be explored in greater depth below.

The Basics

The vest might look like an ordinary vest, but it contains a few key attributes, which help others identify your dog’s status. The vest is designed utilizing the most durable, comfortable material, so it’ll keep your dog relaxed and can be worn for an extensive period of time. More importantly, the vest will contain key words and emblems, which quickly tell others that your dog is certified and qualified as an emotional support animal. The material is also bright, so others will be forced to take note, when your dog approaches. The combination helps to keep you safe, while also quickly eliminating concerns others may have.

Obtaining The Appropriate Measurements 

Animals come in many different shapes and sizes, making it nearly impossible to guess the actual vest size. Of course, the adjustable straps and chest guard will offer you some flexibility, but you should rely on the animal’s girth measurements instead. The appropriate way to measure your animal’s girth is to utilize a cloth tape measure or soft fabric. Wrap it all the way around the animal’s rib cage at the biggest point, which should be approximate to the top of the legs and below the nape.

Repeat this process several times until you receive the same measurement several times. Make sure that the animal is in the standing position, when taking the measurements. A tiny breed will have a girth size of 13-16”, while an extra-large breed will have a girth size of 39-45”.

Various Styles 

There are various ESA vests available on the market, so you may need to do a bit of research on each option. The full-size vest will be slightly bulkier than the small or medium sized vest. The full full-size will be equipped with a neck strap, chest plate, and a large handle with or without a leash ring. These vests are great for outdoor activities and individuals with vision impairment, because the handle offers an immense amount of control.

The lightweight harness is great for short excursions or a walk around the block. These vests are designed out of mesh material to keep the animal cool and dry, even on days when the temperature is in the 80’s.

Alerting Others

The most important purpose of the emotional support dog vest is to quickly alert others to your dog’s status. Without a vest, other people may be eerie of your dog. They normally wouldn’t understand that your dog is serving a paramount importance and keeping you safe and sound. If they look at your dog and he or she is naked, they’ll immediately have concerns and question. They may even alert the authorities and confront you regarding your animal and your reason for having it within a restaurant or mall. The vest eliminates these problems, by making the dog’s accreditations known to all.

When your dog is wearing our vest, you’ll be able to enter any place of business, without being stopped and harassed. The store’s manager will quickly acknowledge the dog’s status and will understand that its presence is protected by federal law.

Remain Visible

There will be times, when you need to venture out into public after the sun has gone down. Normally, this would be incredibly dangerous. Drivers are often distracted by things within their vehicles, such as the radio or even their cell phones. Our emotional support dog vest is designed to be bright and reflective, so your dog will remain visible throughout the day and night. This will help to ensure that drivers will be able to acknowledge your location and avoid you at all costs.

Get Yours

We strongly encourage all emotional support animal owners to equip their pets with one of our vests. We offer an array of packages and give consumers the option of purchasing the vest alone or purchasing it in correlation with the initial registration. The latter is best for those that have yet to register their dogs, as it’ll give them the ability to kill two birds with a single stone. – Emotional Support Dog Vest